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???????? English Visit
From€ 54
???????? English Visit
From€ 54
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1-2 Hours
Availability : June 11th
Min Age : 9+
Max People : 8

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Visit Details

This is the shortest visit we offer. It consists of a guided tour of Damjl – the central area of Damanhur – and then, if you wish, a guided visit to four halls of the Temples of Humankind.

By buying this visit, you will get 15% off the Virtual tour of the Temples of Humankind.
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Departure & Return Location

DamanhurCrea (Google Maps)

Check-in Time


Price Includes

  • Visit of Damjl
  • Partial Visit of the Temples of Humankind
  • Damanhurian Guide
  • Transportation

Price Excludes

  • Any Private Expenses
  • Meals


  • Damanhurian Guest ID
What to Expect
  • Visit to Damjl
  • Partial Visit of the Temples of Humankind

10:45-11:00Check-in for 4 Halls Visit

If you are joining specifically for the 4 Halls Visit, you are invited to check-in at this time to prepare for the visit.

11:00-12:00Visit to Damjl

At 11:00 there will be a visit of the Capital of the Federation of Damanhur, “Damjl.” For those who wish to only to partecipate in this part of the visit, the cost is 14€ a person, a contribution towards the succession of our community project, and we greatly appreciate your support.

The visit to the Four Halls takes place in the Temples of Humankind, and has limited space, therefore reservations are recommended.

This visit does not satisfy the requirement needed to participate in later level visits or special events or rituals.

12:00-13:004 Halls Visit to the Temples of Humankind

During this visit you will explore the following Halls:

Eight steps connect this Hall to the Hall of the Earth, drawing the symbol for infinity. Here, the life and beauty of our planet are celebrated.

Dedicated to the forces of Nature and the masculine principle as a driving, fertile force, this Hall celebrates humankind entering forms and time.

This Hall is dedicated to harmony between the divine forces of the planet, respect for all belief systems, peaceful relationships among all peoples.

Dedicated to inner alchemical transformation, this Hall represents all the development stages of human beings, each linked to a specific metal.