Groups & Special Programs

Invite your group or host a special event at Damanhur, there is so much to be discovered!

Damanhur is diffused over 50km of the Valchiusella Valley, our community and its citizens can offer an array of activities and experiences. Our team at the Welcome Center will be happy to arrange a customized itinerary for your group visiting for the first time, or are returning to Damanhur for a deeper experience we can offer anything from:

  • Visits & Meditations in the Temples of Humankind,
  • Visits to the various communities to understand its social-political structure,
  • Activities in well-being and creative expression,
  • Regenerative stays, and more…

If you desire to host a specific event, or even get married in Damanhur, please fill out the form to contact us! Whatever your desires are, we are certain that we can make a memorable experience.