Weekly & Monthly Rituals

Damanhur Get

The Popolo Consolidates its Collective Gifts, Talents and Wisdom in a Sacred Container

In Damanhur’s sacred language, the word “Get” means “god/force”; Damanhur Get represents the sacred force that the Popolo Spirituale creates and shares. During this ritual, the Popolo’s collective talents, gifts, memories, knowledge and other characteristics are consolidated, offered up and sent into a common reservoir to be preserved and used at a later date. Members of the Popolo can reach into this container and access any of these accumulated skills to enhance their own. This weekly ritual is also when the members of the Popolo offer what they have accomplished to the divinity in a reciprocal exchange.

This beautiful ritual includes passing a reflecting mirror (which has a Selfic instrument integrated into it) from one person to another. As each person “self-reflects”, they connect more deeply with oneself and the important aspects that comprise the soul. Typically, participants receive higher guidance about themselves or about collective projects. The ritual concludes with everyone charging their Popolo bracelet (a simple pink string that is tied around your wrist), to fill the space with emotion and create a single alchemical element that is represented by those who are present. (More durable Popolo bracelets are available for purchase at OroCrea).

In addition to the weekly ritual, a monthly Damanhur Get event takes place in order to offer the actions of the Popolo from the preceding month and set the energy for the next month so that the objectives of the Popolo are achieved. This monthly event is focused around new achievements as a whole community, as opposed to individual realizations. It’s a beautiful event to attend in order to fully understand the nature of the Popolo’s strong bond.

The monthly Damanhur Get is celebrated in the Temples of Humankind’s Hall of Earth or in the Open Temple around a central fire; the weekly Get takes place in the Temple’s Hall of Mirrors. Participants have an opportunity to “read” the fire and make personal contact with it. The monthly Get is celebrated in the Open Temple or the Temples of Humankind, depending on the weather.

The Triad

Three Primary Sources: Energy, Will and Knowledge

At Damanhur, we believe that every divine force is made of three primary sources: Energy, Will and Knowledge. We call this concept “The Triad.” These divinities are entities that can interact with and influence universal laws. Throughout human history, people have attempted to connect with (and have succeeded in contacting) these forces by developing religions, rituals and pantheons of divinities, many of which still exist today. In the Triad ritual, divine forces that are benevolent towards humanity are brought together in a single interconnected spiritual ecosystem that contains, receives and gives back inspiration and thought. The goal is to achieve a state of harmony among all of the planet’s divine forces.

Every Sunday afternoon a ritual connected to the Triad takes place at the The Temples of Humankind. This offering to the divine forces—which represents a mirror to the divine contained within each person—is open to those who wish to be immersed in a mystical atmosphere. The offerings can take different expressions, from music, sacred dance and poetry to lights, silence or just care and presence. Participating in this ritual is a beautiful opportunity to connect your human presence with higher pure energies.

Rite of the Oracle

Guidance for Our Spiritual Evolution

The Oracle at Damanhur is not a person, but a group of forces that includes all Oracles from ancient times. Integrated with the forces of the new millennium, they speak with a united voice and serve to guide humanity for its highest good. The Oracle interacts with the branches of time, moving events to create the conditions for our continual spiritual evolution. They provide answers and direction to those who wish to ask.

Every month on the full moon, Damanhur recreates the Rite of the Oracle, one of its most important ceremonies. Participants experience the beauty and intensity of the full moon’s energy. Since 1985, the members of the Way of the Oracle have worked at this deep and dedicated ritual to bring forth messages from the divine forces. It is the public celebration of the answers channeled throughout the lunar month. The priestesses, called Pythies, lead us in ceremony. During the ritual, a window opens and direct contact is made with all the forces that have been recalled throughout the month.

This is a chance for you to engage with these energies, through which you can capture and interpret a private message for yourself, in addition to transmissions for all shared by the Oracle voice. Individuals and groups worldwide have requested a response from this precious source of inspiration and insight, receiving valuable information for practical and spiritual growth. To request a response, complete our Contact Form below with the subject “Ask the Oracle.”

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