Annual Celebrations & Rituals

17 March
Spring Equinox
Great Ritual
29 May
Birth of the People of Damanhur
a celebration of Community Life & Collective Achievements
16 June
Summer Solstice
Great Ritual
31 August
Stellar Hawk
Damanhur's New Year's Eve
22 September
Autumn Equinox
Great Ritual
3 November
The Commemoration of the Dead
Great Ritual
22 December
Winter Solstice
Great Ritual


Photo of the People


Every summer, members of the Popolo Spirituale meet to celebrate our collective achievements and strengthen our bond even more. On this fun day, everyone enjoys coming together and spending time as a community, and a photograph is taken with all members of the Popolo.

If you are a member of the Popolo, please join us! Can’t come to Damanhur to be a part of the photograph in person? Those who are not present on that day can email a photograph of themselves dressed in white at least 10 days prior to the event. It will be inserted into the group photo, thereby energetically connecting you to this moment of union. For further information, fill out the contact form and type Popolo in the subject line.

If you are visiting Damanhur and are not a member of the Popolo, you will still enjoy watching as the photo comes together, and there are always plenty of games taking place and one-of-a-kind goods to try and buy.

Stellar Hawk

Ring in the new year — in August! Damanhur celebrates its own calendar New Year’s Eve on August 31.
This magical evening typically begins with a music concert or some other form of celebration. Around the hour of midnight, each member of the Popolo Spirituale lights a personal candle, and all candles are placed together in a large hawk shape, forming a constellation. This is a symbolic moment of connection between the Popolo and other points of life in the universe that are aligned with the intention of spiritual awakening.

Great Rituals

Solstice & Equinox

The ritual of marking the transition between seasons of the year has been carried out on all continents since the beginning of human history.

At Damanhur, we consider the Equinoxes and Solstices to be particularly sacred times of the year. The entire community comes together to celebrate these important events inside large stone circles. During the days of the ritual, a fire is lit to represent the sun. During the Solstice, another second fire symbolizes the moon. The ritual is divided into three phases: lighting, culmination and extinguishing of the fire.

Damanhurians enter the circle wearing robes of varying colors, according to their seniority. They offer herbs to the fires, meditate, sing, and recite hymns and prayers composed by Damanhurians. Most phases of the rituals are accompanied by music and Sacred Dance.

These are joyful occasions, and guests are also welcome to join in by registering in advance at the Damanhur Welcome Center.

Commemoration of the Dead

In addition to the Solstices and Equinoxes, another important ritual at Damanhur is a celebration dedicated to the Commemoration of the Dead, which takes place every year between late October and early November.

According to Damanhur’s understanding, the world of the “living” and the world of the “dead” are both expressions of spiritual life, and at times it is possible to open a channel of communication between these dimensions. Rituals are the most important moments of connection-for both sending and receiving thoughts with Damanhur citizens who have passed, as well as other loved ones who are no longer in physical form. It is an act of celebration for life in all its manifestations.

As with the Solstice and Equinox rituals, the Commemoration of the Dead takes place in a stone circle around a fire, with meditation, prayer, song and offerings to the fire. Damanhurians stand inside the huge stone circle, each wearing a ritual robe, and guests gather close around the outside of the circle. As the ceremony proceeds, these moments become an opening of energy and emotion for everyone, the citizens of Damanhur, guests and friends.