Once at Damanhur


As soon as you arrive to Damanhur, please check-in at the Welcome Center located at “Via Baldissero Canavese, 21 – 10080 Vidracco (TO).” We will provide you the necessary information about your stay and available activities.

Guest Badges

At the time of your first visit you will receive a badge with a yellow ribbon, to be worn during your stay, and when you are on the Damanhurian territories. This makes it easy to recognize you, and be greeted by anyone you meet. You may keep this badge as a souvenir and every time you return to Damanhur.


If you do not have a car, you can travel between the Damjl and DamanhurCrea by “Synchronic Rides.” It is a sort of hitchhiking for Damanhurians.

You will message boards for “Synchronic Rides” both at the main gate of Damjl, and the main entrance to the DamanhurCrea. Typically after a short wait, someone will stop and ask you “Do you want a ride?” If you need help, you can ask the Reception at Damjl or DamanhurCrea.

Damanhurian Services

For a complete listing please visit: Damanhur Directory

Medical Assistance

CreaSalute, in the DamanhurCrea operates with a team of doctors, nurses and paramedics available in case of emergencies. Damanhur is also connected to local hospitals in case our guests need assistance.

Person's with disability

If you have a permanent disability, please let us know so we may arrange a visit based on your needs. Rather than doing so online, please contact the Welcome Center directly to make a reservation so we can reserve a room for you. Visits will be shorter, or otherwise appropriate for your situation. It is important that you are accompanied by someone who can assist you during your stay.

Reserved Areas

Elemental Altars

At Damjl you will find right after the main building the Earth Altar made of stone, and in the Open Temple the Fire Altar with a crystal in the center, we ask you to respect our rule not to climb or sit on the altars to maintain their energetic integrity that are used exclusively for specific rituals.


Little Woods of Consciousness

It is a small forest in Damjl, dedicated to the Spirits of Nature and the elements. This place is reserved for citizens, their children and initiates, we ask you to respect it as a private area.

Places that require attention


Are found along green areas. You can freely walk those in Damjl, following the instructions on the sign at the entrance of each circuit. We ask that you do not step on or cut the circuits, if you travel with children we ask that they are at least 14 years old so as not to interfere with their subtle energies.

Temples and areas dedicated to Meditation

Walking in Damjl, you can find some points predisposed to meditate and make an experience of contact with the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. These points are marked with colorful signs, for example the fountain for contact with the element of water, the colonnade of the Open Temple for contact with the element of air, etc.. Walk around and enjoy the beauty of these places. We only ask that you do not sit or climb on the altars, which are sacred spaces for us.

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