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Booking & Cancellation

Prior to arriving to Damanhur, it is necessary to have booked an experience or visit.  While we do our best to ensure ad-hoc experiences, the last thing we wish for our guests is to arrive from far away with no available space, visit, or unexpected costs.  Reservations close 48 hours before each scheduled visit/program, if you wish to join a visit within that time period, please call us.

Infants and Children up to the age of 16, visit for free.

Please check out General Terms & Conditions of Sales for more information about Bookings & Cancellations.

Travel Documents

European Citizens:
Damanhur is on Italian territory, therefore is subject to Italian Laws.
If you are coming from a European (EU) country, the standard ID card is sufficient. (Please note: driver’s license is not an adequate form of identity)

Citizens of the world:
A valid passport is required.

If your intention to stay in Damanhur is long-term, please ensure that you have the proper visas and documents. Generally, a Tourist Visa can last for 3 months if you are not an EU Citizen. A stay longer than 3 months, requires a Residence Permit or a Green Card.

Climate & Wardrobe

We are located in the foothills of the Alps where the weather changes rapidly. The temperatures range from 15°C to 33°C in the summer and from -0°C to 5°C in the winter. You may check the local weather conditions online for “Baldissero Canavese” and “Vidracco.”

We recommend that you bring comfortable clothes for both hot and cold weather, and in case of rain. Hiking shoes are highly encouraged.

Electronic Appliances

In Italy, 220V outlets are used (110V in the USA), in order to connect a non-European plug into an Italian 2 or 3-prong outlet, you will need an adapter. If your devices support only one voltage (such as 110V), you will need a voltage transformer. This can be purchased at electronic stores, or in the airport.

Internet Access

Not all areas of Damanhur are equipped with Wi-Fi access, however, you may find full coverage at the DamanhurCrea located in Vidracco. Some areas prefer to be radio-free and can be connected via ethernet cable.

You may connect with your phone, tablet or laptop to make internet calls via WhatsApp or Telegram to avoid operator costs if arriving from outside of the EU.

Personal Items

Ensure to bring your amenities with you such as body wash, shampoo, sunscreen, toothpaste, and personal items such as sunglasses, water bottle, and etc.

If you are missing anything do not worry, Tentaty, our bio-supermarket located in Vidracco may have what you may need.

Payments & Cash

Damanhur and its businesses accept payments in: Cash Euro (€) and Credit Cards (apart from American Express) within the limits established by Italian regulations.

Car & Parking

We recommend that you arrive by car when visiting Damanhur. Our territories are diffused in the Valchiusella Valley, and can be located up to a distance of 20km from our main territory. We offer parking in both Damjl in Baldissero Canavese and DamanhurCrea in Vidracco.

Family & Ages

Guests of all ages are welcome to Damanhur. We prefer that children stay with their parents and are supervised at all times, babysitting is not provided by Damanhur.

If you wish to arrive with very young children, please note that the recommended age to enter the Temples of Humankind is 9 years old, and we hold say based on observation if the child has the proper behavior to enter the Temples.

What to leave at home:

Pets & Animals

Pets and animals are not allowed in the Temples of Humankind, however they are welcome in most areas of Damanhur. We recommend you leave your pet at home with someone you trust to avoid any stress for both of you. If you do decide to arrive with your animal companion, please ensure that they are kept on a leash and under your control when in public.

Please note: Some rental properties can accommodate small pets for an additional fee.

If you are blind and wish to visit the Temples, please contact us directly.


The Damanhur Constitution prohibits smoking on all Damanhur territories, even in outdoor spaces.

This rule came into act in 1975 when the founders chose not to smoke as an exercise in discipline and respect not only for themselves, but also for others and the environment, especially plants and Nature Spirits. The No-Smoking rule applies to everyone, including guests, throughout Damanhur.


Although Damanhur is a protected site, we recommend that you do not bring valuables. We do not have safes or facilities in which to protect them, therefore we cannot guarantee their general safety.

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