In Damanhur there are several possibilities of hospitality, to discover your desired accommodation, please visit Damanhur Accommodation page.

Abaton: Sacred Dreams

The Abaton is a facility with five comfortable rooms connected to the Temples of Humankind and the Sacred Woods Temple. This place evokes the rooms used by Aesculapius in Ancient Greece, where the sick slept and received inspiring dreams for healing. Guests at the Abaton can take a journey within themselves, sleeping in a sacred place. Each room is set up for lucid dreaming and receiving inspiration and insight. Drawings and selfie circuits convey energy from the Temple Rooms, and activate the possibility for dreamers to connect to this energy. Rooms can also be booked for an individual retreat.

Please contact Abaton for availability.

Ali del Falco: The Damanhur Guesthouse and Retreat Center

Le Ali del Falco is our jewel in bio-architecture located adjacent to the nucleo of Aval where the founder and spiritual leader of Damanhur, Falco Tarassaco resided. It is set amidst fruit trees and a shady wine pergola overseeing the region Piedmont with views of Turin. Come and take advantage of its open spaces for practices in well-being, gather under the stars around its central fire-pit, and meditate as you walk its Spiral. There is so much waiting to be discovered!

Please contact Le Ali del Falco for availability.

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