Cultural Sensitivity

Find some useful information about our culture and way of living.

We have a special greeting

By joining our hands, we greet by saying, “Con te” (singular) or “Con voi” (plural), this is our special way of greeting someone to say, “I am with you.” It is a symbol of union between our masculine and feminine parts, while the words bring attention to our presence. Feel free to use this greeting when you are in Damanhur.

We call each other by animal and vegetal names

We Damanhurians, at some point in the spiritual journey, decide to take on a new name. The choice of a name in Damamhur is always a public event, a sort of game in which the individual “conquers” his or her name instead of passively receiving it (for which you may be lucky enough to participate).

This custom symbolizes the profound transformation that takes place along a spiritual path and is useful in strengthening one’s connection to the animal and plant worlds. One first takes the name of an animal – or mythical creatures – to establish a connection with nature, through the species with which one identifies.  When one takes the name there is always a sort of declaration with which one sanctions the beginning of a new phase of one’s life, a sort of rebirth.  Later, you may ask for the name of a vegetable as a second name. It is fun to have these names.  In Damanhur, we say that to do things seriously, we must not take ourselves too seriously.

You are in community, please respect our customs

We are a spiritual community characterized by customs, ceremonies and events that may be incomprehensible at first glance. For example, you may encounter a person who does not respond to you when you address them. Do not be disappointed, it is possible that the person is observing “silence,” a practice that can take up to several hours. The same can happen when you hear a bell ring three times at sunset, in Damjl: you will notice that everyone stops and remains silent during the three chimes, even if they are in the middle of a conversation. When the bell rings, Damanhurians send messages of love and solidarity to all of humanity. You can do this too if you like.

Greeting Tree

In many territories of Damanhur, you can find the “Greeting Tree”, usually placed in an easily accessible area such as the garden or the main entrance. Before entering, it is customary to stop and greet the creatures of the place: the plants and nature spirits that live there. One greets by resting one’s forehead on the trunk of the tree and giving thanks for being surrounded by so many wonderful creatures. In some territories of Damanhur, instead of a tree may be a “Greeting Pole,” or a “Greeting Menhir”, on which you rest your hands. We invite you to greet with these same gestures. It is a great way to connect to the ecosystem we belong to.

What are these colorful stones I see around?Spirals, circuits, labyrinths...

Damanhurian circuits are paths made in nature with stones. Walking them helps to develop a deep contact with the energies of the land, which activate and increase the energy of the person who walks them. Experiencing the power and mystery of the circuits is easy: just walk along the path traced by the stones with a constant rhythm, letting yourself be guided by instinct. If you want, you can enter the circuit with a question or a situation about which you want to discover something. Walking through the circuits you can see with a different perspective your experience, receiving direct answers and inspiration.

The circuits found in Damjl each have specific functions: they increase optimism, stimulate dreams, help digestion and memory. The circuits in the Sacred Wood Temple are developed around trees and nature, following the pattern of the earth. These circuits facilitate the deep connection between us and nature and have specific functions such as art, wellness, music, dreams, dance. To walk the circuits in the Sacred Wood Temple, you must make a reservation or have taken a guided tour in that area.

Change to improve

Keep in mind that Damanhur is not a museum, a corporation, or any other type of commercial enterprise. We are primarily a community, where citizens live, work, research, and enjoy themselves. None of us are perfect; we are a living, and constantly changing laboratory. This is part of the beauty of Damanhur.

On Monday evenings we are closed to the public

Every Monday evening from 7:00PM (19:00), the whole area of Damjl in Baldissero Canavese and the activities at DamanhurCrea in Vidracco are closed. This happens because on Monday evenings the citizens of Damanhur all participate together in “Medit-Action Evening.” Because of this, on Monday nights we suggest you dine in the community in which you are staying, if you have a car, we can also suggest restaurants in the surrounding area.

Join us for celebrations and rituals throughout the year

We host special events in Damanhur throughout the year and while you are in Damanhur, you can participate in some of them such as: the five Great Rites: The Solstices, the Equinoxes, the Commemoration of the Dead, the People’s Photo, the Damanhurian New Year (September 1), the monthly Oracle Rite, concerts, and many others.  We invite you to attend these events and get a taste of Damanhurian life. Remember that you must always book your participation.

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