Hospitality & Community Programs

Interested to experience living with us and getting to know our community first-hand? Damanhur is an expansive reality of communities that are happy to welcome guests and create collaborative interaction!

Short-term Hospitality

The social structure of the Federation of Damanhur is comprised of four communities, each with their own distinguished characteristics and specialized projects.  These communities also offer short-term hospitality opportunities within their territories.  Write to us through the form below describing your interests and preferred arrival period and we’ll get back to you!
a minimum of 4 weeks advance notice is strongly recommended to allow us to organize and coordinate a fulfilling experience.

Managed Community Experiences

The unique experiences of Community Life Campus programs offer an immersion into the Damanhurian lifestyle, the dreams and daily challenges of its citizens. Enjoy a practical glimpse of community life through a managed 10-day intensive, contributing to the many ongoing projects, while living in contact with the energies of our territories and the forces that inhabit it!

Becoming a citizen of Damanhur

Are you interested in living in Damanhur? Experience what it means to be a community citizen for a year!

This path is recommended for those who have visited and stayed with us, undertaken courses, participated in our celebrations and rituals multiple times and have decided to take another step forward to form closer ties with Damanhur! If you wish to move and stay in Damanhur to acquire a full-on experience of our social structure, please fill out the form below. We will get back to you to setup an interview and share various possibilities and options!


    Our educational branch Damanhur University offers regular courses and program that. Take advantage during your stay to deepen your knowledge of yourself and Damanhur!