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Hospitality & Community Programs

Interested in an experience to live with us, and to get to know our community first-hand? Damanhur is a large reality of communities that are always in need of assistance and welcoming guests!

Short-term Hospitality

The social structure of the Federation of Damanhur is comprised of four communities, each with their own distinguished characteristics and specialized projects.  These communities also offer short-term hospitality within their territories.  If you wish to live a community experience, we would be more than happy to assist you in contacting the communities for a short-term experience.

Below you will find their websites where you can see their specific programs, and contact them directly.

Community of Arca Tentyris
Community of Damjl
Community of Etulte (currently under construction)
Community of Terre di Oropan (currently under construction)

If you need assistance, please contact us using the form below.  We reccommend a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to organize your experience.

Community Experiences

We are happy to share experiences that are being offered by the associations created by our various communities, please visit their websites, and if you need assistance reaching out we can help!

Community Life Campus

A working campus contributes to the many ongoing projects within the Community of Arca Tentyris, and assists in developing new ones. This unique experience will allow you to contact the energies of the territory and the forces that inhabit it. It is an immersion into the Damanhurian lifestyle, into the hopes, dreams and daily challenges of its citizens. Enter the experience of community life and find out if Damanhur is the place for you.  Reach out to

Lab of Life

Do you wish to discover who you truly are, while making the most of your life? Discover more about the programs offered in the link above! Reach out to

Long Term Experience, "Social Citizen"

Are you interested in living here? Experience what it means to be a citizen for a year.

This path is recommended for those whom have established a rapport with Damanhur and its citizens and wish to know what it means to live by our social structure. Having visited and shared celebrations and rituals with us, if you wish to move and stay in Damanhur, please fill out the form below and will we assist you to set-up an interview to become a “Social Citizen.”


    During your stay, there may be various activities and courses being held by the Damanhur University that you can take advantage of to deepen your knowledge of self and Damanhur at a discounted price.