+39 320 4824427 welcome@dhwelcome.org
+39 320 4824427 welcome@dhwelcome.org

Connecting dreams for 47 years,
experience the power of a Living Lab for the Future
Explore a Mystical Philosophy,
& the art of Practical Transformation
Align your body to the Radiance of the Soul,
experiment with our research in well-being.
Enter a world of endless possibilities Make life sacred again

Damanhur Welcome Center

We are happy to welcome you to visit Damanhur, the Federation of Spiritual Communities,
a 47 year old community nestled in the foothills of the Alps in Northern Italy.

We are an international community of spiritual researchers, pushing the boundaries of perception to bring catalyzed personal-collective growth, and galactic understanding of our connection to the cosmos.  We are an example of what a common vision carried by individual will-power can create.

Discover the various activities, visits, celebrations and rituals we offer to the public.

To ensure availability, we recommend making a reservation before arriving to Damanhur.
Registration closes 48 hours before the anticipated visit or experience.

Magic of the Full Moon

This all-inclusive experience is a rare never-done-before experience! For the first time, we will open the gates for our guests to visit the Baita, Home of the Oracle in Damanhur.

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Discover your Potential

This program is fully dedicated to you – a “rendez-vous with yourself.” Dive deep within to discover new talents and qualities of your being.

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Popular Visits

Discover a special hall connected to the Temples and live a unique experience
Do you want a preview, or to dive deeper? Explore the Virtual Tour of the Temples of Humankind.
Explore the diverse experiences offered by the communities within Damanhur.

Featured Video

by Filmmaker and Director: Mattia Mura

The Choice of Staying

The story of Damanhur is told through the eyes of Celastrina, a Swedish university student who arrived in the community to shoot a documentary and instead chose to stay. The film tells the story of lights and shadows of the spiritual community, for decades carrying out its mission amidst the accusations of being a sect and creating an alternative society.

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